Why Taxi is Better Than Uber?

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Many individuals prefer using rideshare applications like Lyft and Uber because of their perceived ease and lower prices; however, these factors are deceptive at best. When put side by side, the benefits of cab services become more apparent. Do you know Why taxi is better than uber?

Let’s go through what clients care about most: cost, security, ease of use, and satisfaction.

Why taxi is Better Than Uber?

Examine why you should prefer an online taxi booking service rather than Uber.

Price Factor

Uber and Lyft are notorious for their sky-high prices. In some scenarios, it might even be cheaper to go from a Hail Mary to the cab stand than to call a cab. While there is no perfect price model, taxi services can often provide lower prices for rides through booking on some websites, with ads and special deals. You can usually negotiate with individual taxis or companies to get good rates for a short trip or for one-day use with pre-agreed limits. This is not possible with out-of-town rides that the company charges per mile instead of per minute.

Safety Aspect

Uber and Lyft both have extensive screening processes to check their drivers, but a one-time criminal can create havoc. Meanwhile, taxi companies can have up to 43 types of background checks.

Ideally, a customer would like to see a driver’s identity, name and contact info, as well as his status as a taxi driver. In short, a consumer would like to see if the driver is employed by the company.

In case of an accident or crime, insurance will kick in faster if there’s less ambiguity in who was driving, which could delay payments to victims and their families.

Convenience & Availability

One of the biggest advantages of taxi cabs is their availability. With Uber, there’s no need to wait for a ride as it will arrive within minutes.

On the other hand, while Uber drivers are also convenient, they are only available when they’re on shift. Taxi companies have a rotation of drivers, so you can get picked up any time rather than waiting for an Uber to show up.

A good taxi company will provide a real-time route update and easily accessible booking details so you can see where your taxi is and how long it’ll take for it to arrive at your pick-up location.

Customer Service

Having a good relationship with your cab driver is the greatest asset of all. It makes you more likely to use that company again and more likely to refer it to others. In this regard, Uber and Lyft are sorely lacking. It’s not just that they don’t have their own drivers – they also maintain a distance between themselves and their customers.

If you have to pay by cash because of some emergency, Uber has no way of knowing you paid them unless you get in contact with them (which is not always easy). By contrast, taxi companies have simple ways to pay with cash. They’ll even let you know if the extra fare was added on for your convenience. It is now possible to book your cab earlier and online taxi booking service.

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